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How a few UX copy tweaks could clarify the ENS experience

In the past couple of days I’ve noticed the ENS getting even more attention so I put my thoughts into some very quick wireframes, and in particular some quick wins on copy to help people be more confident in what they are doing.

TLDR; in registering a .eth domain I didn’t entirely understand the terminology in the screen I saw after the purchase. Changing a few words would provide clarity.

This is what I saw once I had registered the domain — I thought I needed to do all these things.

But what does it all mean?

If the wording was more familiar in terms of domain management I would have immediately known I didn’t need to transfer to a new domain owner.

Instead I thought I needed to set a controller — but what is a controller?

The button text could reflect the action I want to take, like change the registered wallet, transfer domain ownership.

I know I don’t want to do that so I can quickly rule those actions out. But set? Well, that sounds like a command!

Some info about what an action is going to do, the consequences, and traps to avoid would help people.

Eg don’t use Coinbase addresses!

Set felt like I had to set it to something as though it did not yet have a value.

But Nick told me this is already specified automatically, so I didn’t need to do anything here.

I’m not sure whether I still need to do this bit because I haven’t done it.

But my address is already in here so I think it’s already done.

When adding a text record (ie a link) it would be good to provide some context around exactly what’s needed.

What is a vnd?
I’ve worked in software a while and have never heard of it!

Here I’d like to know the exact information required for my avatar .
Is it svg code or a URL?

I don’t know what notice means.
Is that maybe a custom message or short bio?
Maybe they aren’t all links?

Paths are hard at the best of times.
If you display the path and the bit to fill in it makes it all very obvious.

And, because I was too scared (and too stingy) to make any changes I don’t know if I have finished setting everything up properly.

As a bonus add-on, I’d like to know where to test that pentacle.eth does indeed now resolve to my old forgotten MetaMask wallet.

Quick link to etherscan would do the job.

In the process of writing this and sketching up the wireframes I figured out that the primary actions I wanted to take after registering my domain would be to add content in the Wallets, content, links accordion.

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